viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011


As we are currently celebrating the Week of Music, where we have dedicated our work to the theme of musical instruments, three students in grade 5 wanted to bring us their pictures related to the topic of music but done outside of school.

Adriana Castillo participates in the group Monteagudo Majorets, which recently published a 2012 calendar with really interesting photos of themselves. Our student appears surrounded by a circle.

Pablo Gonzalez attends extracurricular piano classes at the Cabezo de Torres´ School of Music and although he has only recently begun, he will certainly end up being a great pianist.

Daniel Martinez has a Spanish guitar at home and even though he still does not know how to play it, he would like to start soon and later move onto an electric guitar, he is a rocker!

Both teachers and fellow students wish them well in their musical lives and we are very proud to have them in our school.

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  1. Soy la seño Isabel, que guapos que estáis, aunque a Pablo no le conozco. Un abrazo.