viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011


As we approach Music Week, which we will celebrate from November 11 to 18 with various activities, all the students are coloring some pictures of musical instruments, from the 3 year olds through 6th grade. Look at how well it went for us in the photos and how pretty all the drawings turned out and the poster we put up in the entrance!

During Music Week, we honor St. Cecilia, who is the patron of Music and whose day is celebrated on November 22nd. But since some of our teachers will be meeting with fellow Comenius partners in Turkey on that day, we have moved it up a few days.

During these days, we will be visited by a luthier, Don Antonio Belmonte Diaz, who builds musical instruments from pumpkins planted in his own garden. These are mainly string instruments (guitars, lutes, laudino, mandolin ...), although he also has some percussion instruments, such as claves or maracas. He will do us the honor of visiting the school on November 14 to show us his work.

During Music Week we will also build our own musical instruments, but with recycled materials. You'll see how fun they turn out!
Other things that we will do will be to participate in various games in English about musical instruments: domino, memory, Parcheesi ...How fun!

But above all, we are learning a lot about experiencing music and having lots of fun.

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