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In our school we have learned about folklore and dances with the various grades of Primary education.

Students in grades 2, 3 and 4 decorated patterns on the folk costumes and the Spring Festivals of Murcia (April 9 to 15).

Year 2 of Primary. Teacher: Belén.

Years 3-4 of Primary. Teacher: Isabel

Students of religion have produced a poster on the Cathedral of Murcia in honor of the Spring Festivals.
 Students of Religion and teacher Begoña.

Students in grades 5 and 6 with teacher María José have sought information on the Internet: folklore, dances, Bando de la Huerta, Spring Festival... and they have selected the following links:

Next you have the link from when we worked on folklore last year at our school.


Now, some pictures of teachers and students in our school with folk costumes when they celebrated the Bando de la Huerta 2012. 

Director María with male costume
& Coordinator María José with female costume.

María with her ​​nephews and María José with her daughter.

Jenny (5th grade) with male costume
& her aunt and cousin with female costume.

 Pablo (5th grade) with his mother and siblings in folk costumes.

Finally, all Primary students working on dances in Physical Education, with director María and teacher María Dolores. 

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