viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011



Dear colleagues, parents and students:

From CEIP Juan XXIII of Las Lumbreras we want to pass on to you that during the current school year 2011/2012 we will continue with the Comenius Project started in 2010.

Together with countries Turkey, Italy, Poland, Wales and Romania we will work on the "European Musical Portfolio," learning together both about music and English, since it is the language of
project. In addition, we continue the Bilingual Program with this foreign language.

In our school we are developing the activities in the area of Music (about instruments, folklore, dances, composers ...) learning about the partner countries in addition to our own and, course of, our region. On our website and in our blogs you can also see information about our center, some pictures, and comments on some of the activities carried out.

Without further ado, we invite you to participate in our educational life,

Yours sincerely,

The Teachers'
CEIP Juan XXIII - Las Lumbreras
Monteagudo (Murcia) SPAIN

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